Local Office

Running for a local office

Local offices are a great way to make a direct difference in your local communities.  For those looking to run for a higher office, they are also a good starting point.  Local elections are generally run every odd number year.  For more information, go to the county office elections website http://www.perryco.org/Dept/Elections/Pages/ElectionsandVoterRegistration.aspx

Choosing what to run for.

The first challenge can be finding out which offices to run for.  The county will post all offices open for election that year or you can contact your local municipal office.

Getting on the ballot

To get your name on the ballot, pick up a petition at the county office once they become available in mid February and you will only have 3 weeks to complete them.  You will also receive several other forms which the county office will explain how to file.  Ballot petitions require a minimum of 10 signatures.  It is recommended that you get 15 in case any are disqualified.  Signers must be the same as your party affiliation and be in the municipality or school district you are running in.  Essentially, they must be able vote for you in the primary to sign your petition.

If you don’t personally know 10-15 democrats, ask for a voter registration listing from the county office when you pick up your petition.  This will help you if you need to go door to door for signatures.  Also, be sure to get your talking points in order first as getting your petition signatures can be your first opportunity to campaign.


Campaigning is a local setting can take many forms.  If you are looking to use signs and pamphlets, Perry Printing in New Bloomfield has a selection or you can go to http://www.vistaprint.com/.  If there are any events in your hometown, having a table at it can be a good way to meet and talk to people.  Word of mouth is very powerful, so get involved in your local community so people will know about you before you do any campaigning.  It will also help you identify issues to discuss with potential voters.